The new single from Cosha (formerly Bonsai) is an absolute jam. You might know her from some of her collaborations with Mura Masa. Check out the video from “Do You Wanna Dance.”

Cosha – Do You Wanna Dance

Against All Logic – Now U Got Me Hooked

Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 22.28.20

For Nicolas Jaar’s new project (which he is working under the pseudonym Against All Logic) he has gone back to his dance floor roots. His new album, 2012 – 2017 is filled with some unsuspecting dance anthems. My favorite joints from the record are “This Old House Is All I Have” and “Now U Got Me Hooked.”

A.A.L. – Now U Got Me Hooked

A.A.L. – This Old House Is All I Have

Wilderness Festival Preview


Set in the country that is known for being a green and pleasant land, Wilderness Festival is more than just music. It’s a celebration of nature and being in the wild.

Nestled in the depths of the Cotswolds – an area of England famous for its green rolling hills and idyllic stone houses – Wilderness is staged in one of the best locations to hold a festival. And the event list is immense for a festival of its size. From workshops and outdoor games to talks, debates and wellbeing classes, Wilderness is a festival for the creative soul.

And that’s all without even mentioning the music. For the eighth season of Wilderness, the organizers have stacked up an absolute corker of a lineup. From big names that everyone knows like Nile Rogers, Bastille, and Justice to some more niche artists like the Black Kat Boppers and Rum Buffalo, Wilderness is somewhere that you can get lost in the music. Also in the lineup: Peggy Gou, Groove Armada, Palace, Kamasi Washington, IAMDDB, and Jon Hopkins – there’s almost too much to choose from.

Check out the official Wilderness Playlist

Clairo’s new single “Hello?” featuring Rejjie Snow


I think I’m a little bit in love with Claire Cottrill (aka Clairo)​. She’s the Boston-based singer/songwriter that can best be described as the female Drake. Her sound has got a swagger about it that’s equal parts smooth and understated.

Her latest single, “Hello?” features Rejjie snow and it is FIRE. Listen to it below and then check out her new EP, Diary 001, on Soundcloud.

Clairo – Hello? (feat. Rejjie Snow)

Clairo – Flaming Hot Cheetos

Clairo – 4EVER (Edan Lipkin Remix)

Yo La Tengo – Here You Are

Yo La Tengo’s latest album, There’s a Riot Going On, is a bit of a masterpiece. The whole album. I just came across the Pitchform live recording of the album on YouTube and I thought I would share. My favourite track is “Here You Are…

Yo La Tengo – Here You Are

Otha: One Of the Girls

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 18.24.50

Norwegian singer, Othalie Husøy (aka Otha), has just become my new queen of bedroom-pop with her new single “One of the Girls.” I love the mixture of tight electro percussion and ethereal vocals. So chill.

Otha – One Of the Girls

Trevor Forrest – Likely Story


Brooklyn-based songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, Trevor Gittelman (aka Trevor Forrest) has just released a new single that is pumped with chill vibes and neosoul.

“This song is an inner monologue,” explains Trevor. “‘I’m a little bit afraid of you’ is spoken to the self. The song has a melancholic feel as it describes our younger desires grow up into narratives which conceal our cast aside dreams. This narrative is the ‘likely story,’ a phrase you say to someone you know is lying. I wanted an almost lullaby feeling, singing in all falsetto gives the song a certain androgyny and disembodied color. The synth at the ending of the song is actually a multi octave chord played by an orchestra, it is bent up and down to meet its destinations, it sounds warm like an old film but alien too.

Press play and sink into the back of your sofa with the sounds of “Likely Story.”

Trevor Forrest – Likely Story

Top Horse: new single from Ducks!


Lani Bagley and Craig Schuftan are Ducks! – the Berlin-based Australians behind some of the most surreal dance music to be released this side of the year 2000. Their music is made for dancing and dreaming.

The new Ducks! single, “Top Horse” was conceived after a residency in Valletta, Malta. To create the track, the duo spent four weeks making field recordings, experimenting with musique concrete techniques, hosting electronic music workshops and collaborating with Valletta’s creative community. The result is a surreal dance floor odyssey, featuring galloping percussion, flying guitars, theremin outbursts of the ‘woo-woo’ variety, and a choir of angels singing glorious nonsense at the top of their lungs. The lyrics – an arrangement of spoken-word style performing strangers – describe a blonde in a bathtub talking about a white horse… or is it the horse in the bathtub? Either way, it’s weirdo disco of the highest order. Basically my favorite kind of electronic music.

Check out a couple of the latest singles from Ducks! below and if you love the sounds that are going into your ears, then you should support them by purchasing their debut album, ‘Ding Ding Ding

Ducks! – Top Horse

Ducks! – Into The Sea (feat. Nate Goldentone)

Ducks! – Time Taken