Brockhampton – Sweet

Brockhampton are an American musical collective that formed in San Marcos, Texas, in 2015. Currently they are all based in California. Led by Kevin Abstract, Brockhampton defines themselves as a boy band. “The hardest working boy band in show business” according to their Twitter. But it’s not your typical boy band. Dubbed the “West Coast Wu-Tang Clan” by Pitchfork, this rising rap collective are redefining what it means to be rap stars with their flavor of backpack rap.

Brockhampton – Sweet

Waajeed’s new single “Strength” (featuring Ideeyah)


Here’s some sunny house vibes to give you strength through a wintery Tuesday. It’s the first solo LP from Detroit producer Waajeed and the first single called “Strength” features some powerful vocals by Ideeyah.

If you like what you hear, go support the album by purchasing it on Bandcamp.

Waajeed – Strength (feat. Ideeyah)

Folkways in Lisbon


As I am habitually resigned to the sweating, black-painted walls of most London venues, instead sitting with a mammoth G&T in-hand, as the sun set over the wide-mouthed river Tagus, perhaps predisposed me to review favourably this gig by Folkways in Lisbon.

“It’s only a cover band” I hear you cry. Well indeed. But any performer who manages to inspire this, needs to be written about:

You may be able to pick out All Along the Watchtower behind the enthusiastic guitaristry.

The other surprising thing I can share is the rise and rise of the cover-band festival scene in the UK! How many of those do you think there are every summer?

I found at least 8 weekend-long events listed for 2019, and it’s a great chance to share some pun-tastic tribute names:

At the dubiously named Tribfest, you can see the Antarctic MonkeysBadness and Totally Tina, whose promo video has to be seen!

My question, why don’t they play a TT song in the video?

At Glastonbudget, you can sway along to Oasish, who earned this fantastic paean of praise: “Yeah, he’s alright man!” – Liam Gallagher (when asked what he thought of Oasish lead singer, Paul).


And based on the video for The Big Fake Festival, I know where I’ll be asking the editor to go to next year! I can’t wait to see the Really Hot Chili Peppers and The Fu Fighters.


That was all a bit exciting, and I return now to Folkways:


In their favour:

  • Imaginative and effective use of loop machine to channel a multi-instrumental ambience suited to stadium rock
  • Impressive mimicking of the unique voices of Edward Louis Severson III of Pearl Jam and Dave Matthews, especially for a Portuguese.
  • Genuinely creative guitar solos and atmospheric psy-jamming with loop machine as a lead-in to Superstition
  • Playing the guitar with a bow for the atmospheric opening of In the Air Tonight – watch it through to see the look on Phil’s face when he starts singing, his moody meandering around the stage, and then his explosion all over the drums – makes me wonder if it’s actually a song about constipation




  • You can’t make all the studio-remastered classics that you’ve heard 1,000 times sound good in an open-air live performance


In the unlikely event that you need to hire a cover band in Lisbon, I recommend them.


And I’ll see you at Tribfest!


Fresh Friday Mix: Anja Schneider


Berlin-based producer, radio broadcaster, and label boss Anja Schneider puts out a mix called “Club Room” and the latest instalment is worth checking out. The mix features new music from Juan Atkins, Nick Curly, Reset Robot, Einzelkind, and Marcus Worgull as well as Anja herself. Get involved!

Anja Schneider – Club Room 19


Throwback Thursday: Boozoo Bajou


Diving into the crates this week to find some vintage vinyl and I came across this one from German producers Florian Seyberth and Peter Heider (aka Boozoo Bajou).

“Divers” wasn’t the lead single from their album Satta which was released in 2001, but it is my favourite. It sounds so fresh almost two decades later. The rest of the album is a mixture of reggae, dub and laid-back electronic sounds. All of which are on the top of my list of music combinations. It’s an album worth revisiting. Also worth buying:

Boozoo Bajou – Divers

Listen to another single from Boozoo Bajou album

Clan of Xymox descends upon Dickens Pub

by J.Edmund

Photo by J.Edmund

Think of the term “Gothic Rock” and Dutch-born darkwave collective Clan of Xymox doesn’t immediately come to mind. It’s been nearly four decades since the inception of the band, which happened to coincide with the rise of Goth subcultures in the UK. But while they may not have had the same public visibility of ’80s Goth staples like Alien Sex Fiend, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Sisters of Mercy, the name “Xymox” has maintained a cult following since the peak of their success in the early ’90s.

Attending a Xymox show is like being transported back in time to the emergence of Goth subculture. Any self-described Goth would recognize the name, and on Nov. 14 that cult fascination resulted in the materialization of every local Alberta vampire in the basement of Dickens Pub. It was a night worth remembering — one that was apt for reminiscing about a decade long past, and a subculture that can never seem to be put to rest.

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The Orielles – It Makes You Forget Peggy Gou Re-Work

The Orielles

Yorkshire band The Orielles were one of the most posted artists of 2017. Here they cover one of 2018’s, Peggy Gou. “We have a passion for songs that make us emotional; want to dance and quite literally forget,” they say when describing their music. That’s cool with us.

The Orielles – It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) Peggy Gou Re-Work

Fresh Friday Mix: Sama Abdulhadi

Sama Abdulhadi

Today we’d like to feature Palestinian DJ and producer Sama Abdulhadi in the mix. Abdulhadi started mixing music in 2006, and began producing her own music in 2010, focusing on techno, house and other deeper sub-genres. She went to school in London and then moved to Cairo after she graduated to work as a sound designer, producer and trainer. In 2017, she moved to Paris, where she is currently based.

Credited as the first DJ to have brought techno to Ramallah, Abdulhadi is starting to become an ambassador for Palestinian creativity around the world. The fact that Palestinian culture and identity is constanly under threat means that the symbol of a DJ from Palestine touring the world becomes a political statement. But it’s more then just a projection of Palestine to the rest of the world for her, it’s an escape for Palestinians as well. “Palestinians need to get away from the reality they’re in, to be able to sustain until tomorrow,” she explains. So although she is gaining international recognition for her DJ sets, she still finds great pleasure from playing within Palestine.

Sama played the first ever Boiler Room session in Palestine.

SAMA – From SkyWalker to SAMA
Originally known as “SkyWalker,” Sama has recently changed her moniker to simply SAMA. This mix represents the transition back to her realname. The day she rediscovers the new old name of SkyWalker.