KOWL 1 by Fred & Hannah LOW RES

I’m loving this new remix of “It Looks Like Love” from KOWL. KOWL is the pseudonym of French Touch-inspired artist and producer Cal Young. Cal began his musical career as one half of electro outfit The Scientists Of Modern Music. Praised for both their energetic and engaging live performances, the duo made a name for themselves throughout Tasmania and Australia.

But enough about facts, check out this disco banger:

Goody Goody – It Looks Like Love (KOWL remix)

Chillwave Wednesday CXLVI


Chillwave Wednesday is back with a brand new mix to start the wave rolling for 2018. The theme for this episode is: LOVE! We’ve got chillwave love coming from a whole range of artist recently. Moullinex has put out their new album Hypersex last year which included the single “Love Love Love.” Max Styler’s new single “All Your Love” and Goody Goody has given us another track called “It looks like love.”

So let’s start 2018 with a little bit of love. Get involved!

Chillwave Wednesday is a semi-weekly shortlist of chill music from around the internet.

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Fellow Hollow – Clothesline

 Fellow Hollow

Luke and Drew are the duo behind this lovely Columbus, Ohio band called “Fellow Hollow.” Their singing and songwriting is absolutely beautiful. It’s delicate and thoughtful, but strikes home. Check out the lead single, “CLothesline” off of their 2016 EP entitled When You Love the Same People, You Love Each Other if you want to plunge yourself in the world of Fellow Hollow.

Fellow Hollow – Clothesline

See the lyrics

SKY KELLER – Dont Get It

Sky Keller

Originally from Connecticut, Sky Keller moved to Los Angeles to start producing music. Her new single, “Don’t Get It” is an introspective track that works through her inner battle of being a victim of someone else’s power.

SKY KELLER – Don’t Get It

Stella Donnelly

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 23.58.11

Just came across Stella Donnelly and her new EP: Thrush Metal and it’s fantastic. Slightly sad but fantastic. It’s stripped down acoustic songwriting with Donnelly’s voice soaring over the top.

Stella Donnelly – Mechanical Bull

Toto Bona Lokua – Ma Mama

This amazing video by Toto Bona Lokua caught my eye the other day so I did some research on the band.

I learned that it’s three musicians who have teamed up across France, Cameroon, and Congo. Gerald Toto is the multi-instrumentalist force behind the band while Richard Bona plays the bass, and Lokua Kanza sings. The three have combined to create a magical 11-song record aptly named ‘Bondeko’ (‘friendship’ in Congolese). The CSN-esque harmonies and Afro-jazz melodies leave your ears tingling with happiness.

Toto Bona Lokua – Ma Mama

Hurley Mower – Metronome

Hurley Mower

Hurley Mower and singer/songwriter Manasseh have teamed up in Chicago to create the new electro-R&B single called “Metronome.” Mower crafts the sultry bedroom beat while Manasseh serenades with his silky smooth voice.

Loving the vibe.

Hurley Mower – Metronome (feat. Manasseh)

Jason Nolan: Late Night City Hawks

Jazz flautist, songwriter, vocalist and electronic producer, Jason Nolan has just released his official video for the title track on his EP: Late Night City Hawks. The track is rooted in R&B with an electronic-disco twist. It’s ambient in a late night cruising way but teasing the line between underground and pop.

Check it:

Jason Nolan – Late Night City Hawks