Mild Minds – Don’t Want Ur Luv


Mild Minds, a brand new addition to ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective, has prepared a three-song EP to properly introduce himself.

Written between Joshua Tree and Lake Arrowhead, the EP marks the first taste of Mild Minds’ solo material after serving as the creative force behind several successful projects. As he explains, “I wanted to do something that was completely ‘me’ in that moment. After being used to working with songs that had elaborate visions over long periods of time, it was nice to make music simply as it came out. Without overthinking it, without pausing or questioning the process like I was used to.”

Mild Minds – Don’t Want Ur Luv

Little Glass Men


Little Glass Men is a cinematic, hip hop inspired beat project from San Diego based composer and producer Ryan Claus. Utilizing samplers, synthesis and organic instrumentation he creates a world of sound as visually evocative as it is harmonically intoxicating. A concoction of earthy drum beats, hypnotizing synth patterns and world elements that transport you to the very depths of chill.

His latest single, “You” is a serene, reflective hip hop beat overflowing with emotion. It features a carefully crafted sound palette comprised of woodwinds, wind chimes, pitched vocal samples and a deep bassline that invites you to the quietest corner of your soul, then sweeps you away with a big powerful finish. Rhythmically, the song is propelled by an irregular drum pattern highlighting the uncertainty of being in love with “you.”

Little Glass Men – On The Floor

Little Glass Men – You

Little Glass Men – Meridian

Marvillous Beats from the Bronx


Marvillous Beats is a Bronx, New York born violinist, composer, and audio engineer. Now living in the Maryland/DC area, Marvill “Marvillous Beats” Martin is working on his debut album Classic Hustle. If it is anything like his latest single “City Sonata” then it should have a unique mixture of original classical music and that signature east coast hip-hop sound.

Marvillous Beats – City Sonata


DUST is the new album by British trio, The Melomaniacs. The album was conceived on the epic journey across America in 2017 as a single performance piece that seamlessly integrates nine songs into an uninterrupted immersive experience. It combines haunting live music from the Melomaniacs with a film created by the Scottish filmmaker Lee Archer and images taken by the New York based photographer Jean Luc Fievet.

There is a sort of Americana noir feel to the sound of the album. A dreamlike melancholy overture with punctuations of hope and humor. “Eve” and “Dust” are cinematic and serious — melodies call out to faraway desert landscapes anchored by country-tinged vocals. (Imagine The National mixed with Pink Floyd) While other songs like “Lah Di Dah” and “Sleep” cross the wild wild west with the sound of a steampunk circus. No matter how you describe the record, there’s no denying that it transports you to another world though its music.

I picked out the title track for you to listen to below, but this is the type of record you should listen to all the way through rather than single tracks. Grab the vinyl on the Melomaniacs website.

The Melomaniacs – Dust

See the video for DUST

Joey Purp’s new album: Quarterthing


If you haven’t heard of him, you need to get on Joey Purp. Over the last few years, the 22 year old Chicago native spent time exploring sonic boundaries as part of the duo Leather Corduroy. He’s worked on critically acclaimed projects including Surf by Donnie Trumpet & Chance The Rapper, Innanetape by Vic Mensa and .wav Theory by Towkio.

Now he’s broken off to release his debut album, QUARTERTHING

Joey Purp – Elastic

Joey Purp – Bag Talk

Stream the full album here

Ducks! Pinprick In


Go put your celebration pants on — The Berlin-based duo Ducks! have just released a brand new single! It’s called “Pinprick In” and it’s the third single off of their upcoming album (due out in 2019).

The track is about seduction. It’s slinky, hazy and hedonistic indie disco; oscillators oozing onto the dance floor, urged on by sizzling percussion, the vocals breathy and confessional in the style of ‘Slow’-era Kylie Minogue.

Ducks! – Pinprick In

Cave Crawl


Are you ready to feel like a total bad ass? Like a character our of Pulp Fiction?

Just flick on this track by Warm Drag called “Cave Crawl” and prepare to feel like a total badass.

Warm Drag – Cave Crawl

Marie Davidson – ‘So Right’


Marie Davidson is a Canadian singer, poet, and electronic music producer. She is also one half of the minimal wave duo Essaie Pas, a duo she formed with her partner, Frenchman Pierre Guerineau. She sings in both English and French.

Her latest single, “So Right” is taken her latest album, Working Class Woman, which was released October 5th on Ninja Tune. It’s sexual… It’s conceptual…. It’s got OG synths. You gotta check it out because it will have you feelin so right.

Marie Davidson – ‘So Right’