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Soul Trash: Toro y Moi’s new cassette tape bounce

I love it when you get to peak behind the curtain of how an artists works. Seeing their process is almost as exciting as experiencing the finished product. That’s what Chaz Bear’s latest project, Soul Trash has felt like. Originally released as a free dropbox download / Instagram tape drop, Soul Trash was the first…


Marlaena Moore in Fantasy Land with video “Imposter”

There’s a few things about Edmonton that you need to know. One, it is home to the largest shopping mall in North America (including a theme park, fantasy hotel, and waterpark). And two, the music scene is bursting at the…

Swiss quartet, Meta Zero looks to innovate modern jazz

The Zurich-based quartet, Meta Zero stylistically classifies as jazz. However, the group likes to experiment with new ways of adding their personal sound to the traditional genre. For their new album, Prometheus, the band plays with timing and pace but…

Carly Paradis is making orchestral music cool again

Most recently, she’s composed the music for hit TV show Line Of Duty. She’s worked with Clint Mansell on the music for Requiem for a Dream, Black Swan, and Moon. Her new single called “The Crushing Weight of History” features…

Music Radar


Reclaiming Cowboy Culture: Orville Peck in Calgary

A compelling artist must not only be an adept musician, but a visual spectacle — and there is certainly no denying Orville Peck‘s intoxicating visual aura. Following his performance in Calgary on May 23rd, Peck solidified his reputation as a…

Chalo Correia at Chapitô in Lisbon

Another mesmerising night of live music at the circus school, Chapitô, nestled under the ancient fort in the heart of Lisbon. And another chance to let the music do the talking on my behalf, about this charming & charismatic music…


Espírito Nativo at Chapitô in Lisbon

Delighted to be bringing you another live performance from Lisbon – an intimate, largely acoustic affair that was well-worth writing home about: Espírito Nativo. This sort of gig just doesn’t really exist in London – well, maybe it does, but…

Clan of Xymox descends upon Dickens Pub

Think of the term “Gothic Rock” and Dutch-born darkwave collective Clan of Xymox doesn’t immediately come to mind. It’s been nearly four decades since the inception of the band, which happened to coincide with the rise of Goth subcultures in…

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