The Orielles – It Makes You Forget Peggy Gou Re-Work

The Orielles

Yorkshire band The Orielles were one of the most posted artists of 2017. Here they cover one of 2018’s, Peggy Gou. “We have a passion for songs that make us emotional; want to dance and quite literally forget,” they say when describing their music. That’s cool with us.

The Orielles – It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) Peggy Gou Re-Work

Fresh Friday Mix: Sama Abdulhadi

Sama Abdulhadi

Today we’d like to feature Palestinian DJ and producer Sama Abdulhadi in the mix. Abdulhadi started mixing music in 2006, and began producing her own music in 2010, focusing on techno, house and other deeper sub-genres. She went to school in London and then moved to Cairo after she graduated to work as a sound designer, producer and trainer. In 2017, she moved to Paris, where she is currently based.

Credited as the first DJ to have brought techno to Ramallah, Abdulhadi is starting to become an ambassador for Palestinian creativity around the world. The fact that Palestinian culture and identity is constanly under threat means that the symbol of a DJ from Palestine touring the world becomes a political statement. But it’s more then just a projection of Palestine to the rest of the world for her, it’s an escape for Palestinians as well. “Palestinians need to get away from the reality they’re in, to be able to sustain until tomorrow,” she explains. So although she is gaining international recognition for her DJ sets, she still finds great pleasure from playing within Palestine.

Sama played the first ever Boiler Room session in Palestine.

SAMA – From SkyWalker to SAMA
Originally known as “SkyWalker,” Sama has recently changed her moniker to simply SAMA. This mix represents the transition back to her realname. The day she rediscovers the new old name of SkyWalker.

Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids


Just stumbled on to this track by Chicago-based composer and multi-instrumentalist, Idris Ackamoor. It’s called “Message To My People” and it’s a jazz epic.

Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids – Message To My People

Cherry Glazerr: Daddi

Photo by J. Edmund

Photo by J. Edmund

The Los Angeles based rock trio fronted by firecracker Clementine Creevy is back with the first single off their upcoming forth LP Stuffed & Ready. With an already impressive catalogue including 2017’s Apocalipstick, Cherry Glazerr is off to a blistering start with their gritty lead single ‘Daddi’.

Although sonically rooted in garage rock, ‘Daddi’ employs a number of subtle production tricks oft found in the realm of hip-hop. Drum kit ‘trap hats’ click along at an inhuman pace, soft pads and pulsing synths underline the backbeat adding a layer of sparkling grotesque, and a mid-song bridge sees Creevy’s softly cooed “To Keep Me Away” chopped and dropped a few octaves. It’s a clever and contemporary evolution of a genre largely regarded as having minimal post-production; but music is rarely so easily pigeonholed. Translating these sounds live can prove another challenge, especially considering the band currently consists of three members and no synthesizers. Lyrically ‘Daddi’ furthers these contradictions, seemingly embracing the pornified ageplay growing ever-popular amidst Instagram trash queens yet simultaneously skewering its representative patriarchal overtone. It’s a complex entanglement that, when coupled with the chorus’ three-chord climb, feels more like protest than submission.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Hunnybee

I’m so in love with the video Unknown Mortal Orchestra released for their track “Hunnybee” right now. The idea of a leisurely train ride across Europe as it crawls into the mountains really captures the feeling of the song so well. Reading a book as you look out the window at rolling hills, lakes and mountains pass by… how aesthetically pleasing.

You can hear more from the Portland-based Kiwis, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, by checking out their new album Sex & Food.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Hunnybee

Richard Swift – Broken Finger Blues

I’m loving the swagger of Richard Swift’s new album The Hex. Check out the lead single, “Broken Finger Blues.”

Richard Swift – Broken Finger Blues

Fat Freddy’s Drop at the Brixton Academy


This was my 5th FFD gig, but they are still able to surprise and delight.

If you haven’t heard of these guys yet, I strongly recommend exploring their discography. I know of few other artists whose music appeals across such a wide range of listeners, and who you know will be a safe bet for background music at dinner or boogie music for a party.

Not only do they have a reliable stable of studio productions, they kick ass on stage!


The theatre of each gig is usually spear-headed by their rotund trombonist (and tuba player) Joe Lindsay. To my dismay, I cannot find any good videos of his remarkable dancing and semi-strip routine on youtube or the band website. At one particularly memorable gig at Alexandra Palace (one of London’s best venues!), he reduced himself to y-fronts, wife-beater & sparkly silver cape with captain’s hat. The enduring question is, doing that much huffing, puffing and strutting on stage, how does he stay so round?!

The one thing that the Brixton Academy surpasses Aly-Paly on, is the echo of the audience’s roar. The cavernous vault of the Palace has been harnessed to good effect by the sound technicians, but it cannot beat the inter-war era theatre for resonant roaring.

Having wondered aloud with many fellow fans, “Why are they called Fat Freddy?”, I can thank Wikipedia for explaining that it’s basically about taking acid – I won’t tell my mum that, fan that she is.

Check out their new single “Trickle Down” below and make sure you get out to see Fat Freddy’s Drop when they pass your city.

Fat Freddy’s Drop – Trickle Down

New Single from TOLEDO


TOLEDO is an indie band led by Daniel Alvarez de Toledo and Jordan Dunn-Pilz. They’ve just released a new single called “Bath.” It’s the second single off of their debut EP, ‘HotStuff.’ The album is completely self-written, recorded, and produced by the band and so far it is filled with DIY LoFi vibes.


TOLEDO – Hot Stuff