Jean Grae & Quelle Chris – “Gold Purple Orange”

“Gold Purple Orange” is from the Jean Grae and Quelle Chris album Everything’s Fine.

The video is absolutely mesmerizing. I’m not really sure what to make of it, so I’m just going to give you the facts. The video stars Jean Grae and Quelle Chris acting out a kareokke video with a “glamour photo shoot” style. It guest stars Dane Orr, Eric Andre, Anna Wise, Hannibal Buress, Denmark Vessey, Duncecap, Jonathan Hoard, and Littles The Cat. Littles The fucking CAT!

“When we came up with the album title [Everything’s Fine], I started thinking about what kind of photos best expressed that statement” explains Jean Grae when talking about the idea for the video. “It was instantly the awkward, temporary confident smile of an 80s glamour shot. Glamour photo shoots from the 1980s. They’re beautiful. They’re soft. They’re expressive. People have the best shots and expressions. Not to mention- props. Not to mention backdrops.”

Grae doesn’t stop there though. She keeps going. digging deeper into finding out what the video is actually about: “What could make that even more awkward? Holding that pose for a very long time. It’s a metaphor for the sociopolitical state of our global community. Just kidding. It’s commentary on the treatment of British orphans in the 1800s. Just kidding. It’s not being afraid to be yourself, for a long period of time.
Even if that seems uncomfortable. Not kidding. Just kidding. No I’m not. It’s about sandwiches. There are none in the video.”

So there you have it. The meaning of “Gold Purple Orange” and perhaps an insight into the meaning of life.

(also, Eric Andre reading a book about Lionel Richie is great.)

Jean Grae & Quelle Chris – Gold Purple Orange

Kali Uchis – After The Storm


Fantastic new Kali Uchis. Love the lofi animations. And who doesn’t love seeing Tyler, The Creator
as a piece of grass / shrub?

Kali Uchis – After The Storm

Ben Fairey – Temples [Castle1 Remix]


Starting his career as a session musician at Sky 1, Channel 4 and BBC, Ben Fairey promoted his earliest recordings through to solo shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

After Touring the UK, he released a trilogy of EPs titled ‘Dragon Journeys’ featuring the most popular songs in a playlist on his Spotify profile. This ultimately became his 2017 EP Destination. A remixed version of the EP was released later that year.

Castle1 remixed three of the songs from the Destination EP by Ben Fairey, reimagining them for an audience dedicated to ambient, chill-hop music. Check out his remix for “Temples” below.

Ben Fairey – Temples (Castle1 remix)

Individualist – The Route


Individualist is a deep house production duo based out of Germany. Wayne from South Africa and Rob from Canada met coincidentally in front of Rob’s studio and from that day on, they started their journey making music together. Wayne and Rob have been producing their own music now for several years on various labels in Germany, Switzerland and the USA, releasing their songs on all digital platforms. They cross the electronic world of synths with live instruments such as guitars, bass, pianos and even the harmonica. Their music has evolved over the years into their own unique sound and style, bringing elements from Africa such as vocals and drums to add a special touch to their music.

Check out their latest single, “The Route” for a taste of Sunday morning deep house vibes.

Individualist – The Route

PAX Rework Electric Feel

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 09.45.36

Saturday morning BANGER!

MGMT – Electric Feel (PAX remix)

gerryjams – Harmless

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 22.47.58

Very catchy house jam from Chicago-based producer, gerryjams. Perfect little basshouse summer joint to get your body moving.

“watchyagonnado… with all that junk…all that junk… inside that trunk?”

gerryjams – Harmless

Saladin – Chicago Dirty

Saladin 3

Chicago-based producer, Saladin lays down some wobbly new basshouse with his new track “Chicago Dirty.”

Saladin – Chicago Dirty

Chillwave Wednesday CL


We’ve got some epic chill for the 150th instalment of Chillwave Wednesday (episode “CL” in Roman numerals which is kind of like “Chill”). The new Disclosure track on this mix is an absolute banger of chill. You’re going to love this mix.

Chillwave Wednesday is also available on Spotify.
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