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Mildlife – The Magnificent Moon


Just came across this Australian band called Mildlife and thought I would share. I fell in love with the lead single off of their debut album Phase. It’s called “The Magnificent Moon” and it’s a great introduction to the band’s mixture of jazzy disco-psych sound. The track starts off with an almost ‘Stranger Things’ sounding overture… an ominous brooding which slowly builds. At around the one-minute mark, the psychedelic disco journey begins and “The Magnificent Moon” takes off into its irresistible groove.

When describing the track, Bassist Tom Shanahan explains that “The Magnificent Moon feels like the veteran journeyman to the rest of the album. I’m not sure if that’s because it was written first or because it seems to know what it wants and has a more considered direction. It never really second guesses itself except for maybe just before the outro when he realises he may have journeyed too far and his space suit has a hole in it. But then he just jams some gum in the hole and gets on with it anyway.”

At the beginning of this year, Mildlife released a three-track remix EP where they partnered up with a few producers to rework a couple of the singles. It’s called Mildlife Remixed and you should also check that out on Soundcloud and Bandcamp if you have the chance.

Mildlife – The Magnificent Moon

Mildlife – The Magnificent Moon (Tornado Wallace Remix)


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