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Fresh Friday Mix: Cosmopolyphonic radio


Our first Fresh Friday Mix of 2018 comes to you from a label in Japan called cosmopolyphonic who feature music from all over the world. In their latest mix, they’ve summed up all their favorite music from 2017.

The mix is an eclectic feast of sound, ranging from dancehall to house. There’s loads of fantastic tracks and artists that you’ve probably never heard of. If you like discovering new music, Cosmopolyphonic has done a cracking job at putting some of the best emerging artists from the US to Japan in this mix. And as a bonus, you have a quirky Japanese dude MCing throughout the mix. I still have no idea what he is saying, but he sounds gangster (in a nerd kinda way).

Cosmopolyphonic Radio – episode46

  1. Benedek – Ocean Park (feat. Just Tony)
  2. 外神田deepspace – Untitled 1
  3. Spence & Saginaw – Real Talk (Talk Mix)
  4. BAMBOOMAN – Shudder
  5. RGL – Wade
  6. Ross From Friends – Crimson
  7. sauce81 – Dance Tonight
  8. RGL – Hey Girl (AVV Remix)
  9. Joe – Tail Lift
  10. Henry Wu – Deep In Mudd (feat. Hardhouse Banton)
  11. Cadans – 1 Bar FU
  12. Omulu & King Doudou ft. Mc Tha – Bonde da Pantera (King Doudou Edit)
  13. DJ JM – Runaway
  14. Neana on the Trak – Sežana Bounce
  15. Smokepurpp – Audi.
  16. Sloan Evans – Fallback
  17. Benedek – Tuff Luv
  18. D.K./S.K. – Xerox
  19. rAHHH – Clouds
  20. Alkaine – Living It Up (rAHHH Edits)
  21. L-Vis 1990 – Sunlight (feat. Gaika & Mista Silva)
  22. Kelela – LMK
  23. TD_Nasty – Where U Wanna Be ft. Clara La San
  24. Garrett – Slow Motion
  25. Tyler, The Creator – 911
  26. Thudercat – Drink Dat (feat. Wiz Khalifa)
  27. BOYDUDE – Liquid Love
  28. FEENIKS – Back & Forth

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