The New LoFi


January 2018 Mixtape


Listen to this! The New LoFi mixtape is back for 2018 and we have a crackin lineup of artists to start off your year. As always, the mixtape is very eclectic; you’ll hear a banging electronic track one minute and delicate indie tune the next minute. Think of it as your audio sampler each month. If you like a track, click on the link below to learn more about that artist.

This month we have a few rising stars to look out for in 2018 as well as some seasoned music veterans. The mix starts off sutbly with Fhin’s new single “Quand On Arrive En Ville” before jumping right in to a nu-disco banger off of Moullinex’s new album Hypersex. I’ve choosen this track (“The Huggers”) because it was their first single but you should def check out the whole album. It’s non-stop dance-you-face-off material. The video for “The Huggers” is pretty fantastic as well. I challenge you not to dance out of your chair to this one.

It’s not all about the electronic music though. We’ve got a couple of tracks from the up-and-coming Atlanta-based rapper, J.I.D too. I chose two singles off of his latest album called “The Never Story” which show off his lyrasism pretty well. The first single, “Never” is an epic hip hop overture. And I’m not using epic hyperbolically here; the track tells a story with its sound and takes you on a journey with a beginning middle and end.

We end the mix with an ode to Leonard Cohen and his track “You Want It Darker.” Paul Kalkbrenner give Cohen’s song a remix treatment that takes the track somewhere even darker which I thought could only be fit for an outro.

Get invovled!

Learn more about each artist by clicking on the track title in the playlist below. You can also download the whole mix by right clicking on the title of the podcast and selecting “Save As…”

…or just stream the mix below:

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TNLF 2018 January Mixtape

  1. Fhin — Quand On Arrive En Ville (-59:59)
  2. Moullinex – The Huggers (-57:25)
  3. Paresse – Temple (Simple Symmetry Remix) (-52:23)
  4. J.I.D – Never (-47:00)
  5. J.I.D – EdEddnEddy (-43:13)
  6. Guggenz – Facade (-41:18)
  7. Sonny – Some Velvet Morning (-39:29)
  8. Catalina – Alvarado (-32:38)
  9. Mr Gabriel – Help Me Out (-28:00)
  10. Bels Lontano – Lovely Path (-23:53)
  11. Jibbles & Bitz – Here & There (-20:02)
  12. Redlight – Zum Zum (featuring Sweetie Irie) (-15:00)
  13. Tan – Barbara (-10:35)
  14. Leonard Cohen – You Want It Darker (Paul Kalkbrenner Remix) (-07:07)

The New LoFi monthly mixtape is an hour-long mix covering all of the music posted to the blog last month. Want to be cooler than all your friends with the latest tracks from artists you’ve never heard of? This is the mix you need to listen to.

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