San Holo: The Future (ft. James Vincent McMorrow)


It’s difficult to classify myself as a music critic for one simple reason: I will only ever share, with the TNLF audience, songs that I feel are worthy of acclaim —and I’m positive that my colleagues feel the same. I find it an unnerving task to sit between these four walls and proceed to vocalize everything that’s wrong with a song. The aspect of a musical piece that I find the least sonically pleasing may very well be Becky’s favourite part. That been said, through my biased lenses, James Vincent McMorrow can quite literally do no wrong.

McMorrow’s latest contribution comes in the form of a collaboration with none other than San Holo —a name our readers might find familiar. The producer boasts an impressive run this year from both a business (-bitbird) and artistic viewpoint. Although listeners expect nothing less than perfection from the Dutchman, it should be noted that “The Future” depicts a subtly different approach towards music-making from him. Opting for a guitar at the forefront of production seemed to work in San Holo’s favour, however, as James Vincent McMorrow’s silky smooth vocal delivery required no stylistic alteration and fitted in the mix as though it were the corner-piece of a jigsaw puzzle.

Listen to “The Future” below:

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