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Chillwave Wednesday CXXXVIII

Chillwave Wednesday 2017

We are highlighting some lesser known artists this week on Chillwave Wednesday. I’ve given myself a strict rule: only artists with less than 100k listens on Soundcloud are allowed. There are so many new and unsigned artists out there making fantastic house and chillwave music (and loads of other genres) and although we try to give a voice to all of them, it’s very easy to shout about the artists getting a lot of attention. So besides Viceroy, I’ve never heard of any of the artists on this list, and they’ve all got under 100k plays as of posting (hopefully that changes soon after).

So do your part and give this week’s Chillwave Wednesday and the artists behind it a healthy listen.

LUCES – Once Over Twice
Our first track for this week’s mix is a new collaboration between two old friends. Felix Bloxsom from Plastic Plates and Caleb Cornett from Amtrac have joined up to make LUCES. “Once Over Twice” is the new single from their debut EP Habitual Ritual which was released earlier this month.

micronism – eventide
‘eventide’ is the new single from the remastered rerelease ‘inside a quiet mind’ by micronism. “it’s amazing what you can find with a quiet mind…” -micronism.

baba stiltz – Can’t Help It

Rei – Deep
Rei is a 23 year old hip hop artist hailing from the Wellington, New Zealand. Love the mix of hip hop and chillwave

VALNTN – Moan (feat. Trevor Dering)
New track from VALNTN after the international smash hit, “Can’t Let Go”

Chillwave Wednesday is a semi-weekly shortlist of chill music from around the internet.

Chillwave Wednesday is also available on Spotify.
See all of the tracks posted to Chillwave Wednesday 2017 each week on Spotify here:

This week’s playlist

  1. LUCES — Once Over Twice
  2. baba stiltz — Can’t Help It
  3. Rei — Deep
  4. Kongsted — Gimme Love (feat. Tilly)
  5. VALNTN — Moan (feat. Trevor Dering)
  6. mellogem — silver wings
  7. louis the child – love is alive (girardot flip)
  8. Viceroy – Improvise feat. Tom Aspaul
  9. micronism – eventide
  10. Maddy O’Neal — Wanna Know

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