Two Feet: Love Is A Bitch


With the release of his debut EP ‘First Steps‘, Two Feet not only demanded my undivided attention but also gained a sizable online following quickly. The EP generated a healthy buzz with lead single “Go Fuck Yourself” accumulating almost nine million plays on SoundCloud alone thus far. In the lead up to his sophomore project, the NYC-based musician has released “Love Is A bitch” and I immediately recognize that trademark smooth, jazzy guitar that he so often —and quite masterfully— utilizes. The song oozes emotion. Two Feet’s soft, heart-wrenching vocal delivery leaves us with no other option than to believe every word that escapes the singers tongue. The lyrics depict a hurt individual, drunk in love with no feasible solution to fill a heart-shaped void; a perfectly painted portrait that many will find to be familiar. Listen to “Love Is A Bitch” here:

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