Slowdive: Sugar For The Pill (Music Video)


1995 boasts the year in which the words “Slowdive” and “album” were last uttered in the same sentence. Now 2017, 22 years since the release of ‘Pygmalion‘, the British indie-rockers emerge from an abyss, eager to reclaim a throne that a sizable cult-following will insist is rightfully theirs.

As we approach May 5th, we inch closer to the release of their self-titled album, Slowdive. “Sugar For The Pill“, the project’s sophomore single, is a dream-pop-indie-gem if I were forced to categorize it; cloud music with a touch of the past. The band seems to have discovered a sound that grasps the attention of a younger, newly-acquired fan base while simultaneously keeping generation X at a short arm’s length. They might have been absent for a while but have returned with the same timeless sound that our parents familiarized themselves with years ago.

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