Ricky Eat Acid


Just came across an interesting track named “Nice To See You” from an artist called Ricky Eat Acid. It’s the type of experimental music that has a high level of production and a lot of attention to detail. Music that sounds random but is actually very considered. Think: Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

The man behind the Acid is called Sam Ray. He’s a 23-year-old producer and composer living between Queens, New York and Baltimore, Maryland.

“Nice To See You” lulls you back and forth with a bouncy little bassline which builds up into something big at around 2:45 on the track. You think the song is going to break open into something completely different but then it drops back down into the original song.

Curious, I wanted to hear more of Ricky Eat Acid music.

Ricky Eat Acid – Nice To See You

Ricky Eat Acid’s albums:

Three Love Songs
This is Sam Ray’s experimental album from 2014

Sun Over Hills

Ricky Eat Acid Mixtape

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