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Chillwave Wednesday CXX


We’re kicking off this week’s chill wave with a fantastic remix by Tourist of “Saint Claude” by Christine and the Queens.

Another artist to look out for on the mix is Elijah Scanlan (aka Visceral). We’re featuring his track “Anx” here but you should check out his new album The Rare Path on Bandcamp. And if you are a true audiophile, you can buy the album on cassette tape. How cool / lofi is that?!

We also want to mention the Andy Caldwell remix of “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye. It’s fittingly called the “Love trumps Hate” remix and I think that’s a message we should all be spreading.

Chillwave Wednesday is a semi-weekly shortlist of chill music from around the internet.

PS: The chill is also now available on Spotify. See all of the tracks posted to Chillwave Wednesday each week on Spotify here:

This week’s playlist

  1. Christine and the Queens – Saint Claude (Tourist Remix)
  2. Billie Eilish – Six Feet Under (Vasta Remix)
  3. Fono – NRG
  4. Landside – Still There (Max Cooper Remix)
  5. CATCHING FLIES – Komorebi
  6. Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On (Andy Caldwell’s Love Trumps Hate Remix)
  7. Visceral – Anx
  8. Dillistone & LILI N – Rude
  9. Broken Luxury — Come Back (Feat. Jessi Lee)
  10. Promises Ltd. — American Eyes (Gilligan Moss Remix)

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