The Weekend Fuzz Returns!

It’s been a shave over six months, but tonight the stars have aligned and the prophecy has been fulfilled. The Weekend Fuzz has returned, like some sort of mythical fowl from the ashes, and it’s time to send you soaring with the smoothest jams this side of the blogosphere. Let’s go!



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Mainland – West Coast

This New York based quartet blew up huge last month after releasing their cover of Jason Schwartzman’s (Coconut Records) hyper-chill track ‘West Coast’. They’ve racked up nearly 100,000 listens on soundcloud and I’ve got to be responsible for at least five dozen. I always felt that Coconut Records was ahead of it’s time, and this cover finally does ‘West Coast’ full justice. It’s even beachier than the original, which is quite a feat considering the lack of acceptable beaches in NYC. But hey, sand pumps through the veins of us all. They’ve got a brand new EP out, ‘Shiner’, which you can stream in full over on soundcloud. For you vinyl junkies, it’s a steal at $12.00.



Unbelievably chill vibes from Montreal’s TOPS. Their latest single ‘Outside’ is a dreamy, forlorn love ballad. It oozes synthual sadness, creamy romanticism and loneliness. Is it 3 AM? Are you driving home? This is goosebump worthy material, and it’s masterfully crafted. Don’t write them off as another new-wave revival act either, they’ve got far too much depth to be pidgeon-holed. It’s a small departure from their previous work, but if “Outside” is an indication of their next LP due out on September 2nd, there’s plenty reason to bust those leg warmers out of the closet and start combing your hair to one side. (Which is perfect, since that’s currently cool and shit)



Deets are still scarce on Leland, for five months his single ‘Aware’ went completely unnoticed (eventually the keen ear of Chris Danks and our friends at HillyDilly brushed off the dust). Even at a paltry 24,000 listens it’s still flying far beneath the radar of the mainstream eye. But this New York based electro-pop act seems poised to blow up. It’s a rarity to stumble upon such a radio-ready and polished piece of power-pop, and his confidence is absolutely infectious. This is new-shoes music, so lace up your oxford wingtips and press that shirt, you must be this fresh to listen.


Mt. St.

I went on a full blown spiritual journey with Mt. Si.’s ‘Oh’ just three days ago. Needless to say, I am in complete awe of their first two songs, and research turns up very little on the identity of the individuals behind this brand new project. The blogosphere is abuzz with speculation, and rightfully so, “Oh” is a frothy synthshake at it’s most creamy. A song that seems to transcend emotion, somewhere on the horizon of downbeat uncertainty, yet the clouds seem to break with great speed.

“He don’t call/He don’t call at all”
“He don’t call/He don’t call at all”
“He don’t call/He don’t call at all”
“He don’t call/He don’t call at all”

Never has heartbreak sounded this optimistic, and my hopes are high for the inevitable release of their first album. “Oh” is magnificent. Audio dopamine. Musical heroin. A full body-high, and exactly the type of music that truly makes me feel.


That’s it for now. Keep your ears peeled for more in the very near future, the Fuzz hath returned!

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