The New LoFi Presents: Halloween Mixes

Since Halloween falls in the middle of the week this year, we’re guessing that most of you will be dressing up and celebrating the day of the dead over this weekend. Which is the perfect opportunity for us to dress up the website in all black and then round up all of the best Halloween mixes that our writers have put together over the years and present them here for you.

A different take on Halloween mixes. All metal, from Skinny Puppy to White Zombie, it’s an exploration into the world of musicians that celebrate halloween all year round.

What’s your favorite Halloween Song? Thriller?! You don’t say. I don’t think there’s a bar in town that won’t be playing that song at some point this weekend. The trick is knowing when to play it.

This might be the most unorthodox Halloween mix I have ever heard. It’s a screw-faced inducing haunted Dub-Step mix arranged by Diplo for Halloween.

What we have here folks, is an impressive collection of Halloween Sound FX, Halloween Music, Halloween Soundtrack.


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  1. Holokahiki 

    Loving the halloween ambience! downloaded couple of the tracks. Although, one of the albums “listen now” links aren’t working :(

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